Meet our team of volunteer organisers!

The organisers of Team GB are an experienced team of event professionals, junior coaches, bench staff, project managers, fundraisers and parents led by Phil Rutter (Barney Trubble) who is the JRDA (Junior Roller Derby Association) European Regional Coordinator and organised last year’s CAT junior tournament in Copenhagen. In short, a group of people who know how to make things happen!

Phil has brought together this team of trusted volunteers based on their involvement in pulling together junior teams and tournaments such as CAT, MRDC junior game in Wales, England Juniors game in Peterborough, RDWC18 junior expo game in Manchester and Eastbourne Extreme.

Phil is also pulling together a ‘Team Europe’ alongside Team GB and is liaising with his JRDA colleagues closely to make it as simple as possible for juniors, their parents, their coaches and teams.

Our volunteers are delighted to be helping our juniors to make history!


phil rutter

Phil Rutter (Barney Trubble) – JRDA European Regional Coordinator, Copenhagen Troublemakers coach, CAT Tournament organiser, Peterborough England Juniors game, RDWC18 Junior expo game.

barb wired

Barb Corrick (Barb Wired) – Hereford Poison Berries Head Coach, Crash Test Brummies Director, HRG coach, MRDA junior game LUM, Peterborough England Juniors game LUM, RDWC18 Junior expo game LUM. Took team to CAT.

Barb is helping with team selection, safeguarding, comms and fundraising.

tristan Dodd

Tristan Dodd (Tristan Shout) – Hereford Poison Berries coach, MRDA junior game Bench, Peterborough England Juniors game Bench, RDWC18 junior expo game Bench.

Tristan is helping with team selection.

jenny easterbrook

Jenny Easterbrook (Hairazor) – DASH coach, MRDA junior game LUM, Peterborough England Juniors game, RDWC18 junior expo game LUM, took team to CAT.

Jenny is helping with team selection, fundraising and comms.

julie english

Julie English (Drag-n-Fly) – New Bournes Coach, MRDA junior game, Peterborough England Juniors game, Eastbourne Extreme, took team to CAT.

Julie is helping with fundraising, safeguarding and team selection.

bev gormley

Beverley Gormley (Violet Impact) – Lincolnshire Bombinos Coach. Took team to CAT.

Bev is helping with comms and fundraising.

john hesse

John Hesse – New Bournes. Eastbourne Extreme, roller derby photographer.

jesper larsen

Jesper Larsen – Copenhagen Troublemakers coach, CAT tournament organiser.


If you have any questions please email