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What is Team GB Junior Roller Derby?

Team GB Junior Roller Derby is a brand new national team that has been set up for roller derby skaters aged 10 to 18. The team currently consists of twenty rostered skaters plus four reserves that have been selected from junior teams across Great Britain.

Roller Derby is a full contact team sport, played on roller skates, which demands skill, teamwork and mental agility. It is the world’s fastest growing sport and as such is being considered for inclusion in future Olympics. There are currently international tournaments for adult teams but junior roller derby is still in its infancy. Some of Team GB Juniors’ skaters have been playing since the first junior teams were formed in 2011 and some have discovered the sport more recently. The beauty of junior roller derby is its inclusivity and the fact that boys and girls or young men and women play on the same team. There are few barriers. Gender, background, size, shape etc. are not barriers to playing junior roller derby and disability does not mean segregation. Team GB Juniors aims to be inclusive and empowering, giving members a strong sense of belonging and team spirit. Some of our skaters have overcome personal challenges and difficulties to get to this point and we are proud to help them to continue their personal development through Team GB Juniors.

April 14th saw all of the skaters getting together for the very first time for a day-long training session with our coaching team. The coaches are all very experienced adult skaters who either skate for Men’s Team England or London Roller Girls. In order to share learnings and experience with the wider junior roller derby community, skaters who did not make it through the selection process were also invited to train with the team and take back what they have learned to their local teams.

We are putting together a training schedule that will take us up to July when the team will be travelling to Philadelphia in the USA to represent Great Britain in the Junior Roller Derby World Cup for the first time ever! During the training sessions, the skaters will learn from some of the world’s elite roller derby athletes, officials, referees and each other.

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